TESG has initiated a number of projects designed to further the cause to elevate education in a number of schools. We have also partnered with mines and government in a number of these projects.


Our motivation is comprised of smaller programmes that are designed to assist learners with the importance of knowing who they are. While we keep a realistic outlook on life as a subject matter, our motivation prioritizes the need for learners to commit to a sense of self in a world full of temptation.

Some of our subjects include important touching issues such as, Teen Suicide, Depression, Teenage pregnancy, bullying, substance abuse and violence.

All the learners inducted are kept on record and encouraged report on their progress from the time of adoption to any of our programmes.

This has been one of the programmes we  have prioritized as we have seen how it is affecting so many schools if  not all across our country.

We have the best motivators and counselors who can vouch on their ministry through the many successful projects they have engaged in.



Our girls to women campaign focuses on the importance of girls having an uninterrupted learning process. To ensure the success of this programme, TESG donates disposable and reusable sanitary pads to over 500 girls and ensure that these learners have enough supply for the rest of the year.




Our speech contests are one of the most prestigious of our programmes offered by our organization. The learners are given a subject matter that has some impact on our country and are given a task to share their views and opinion. This exercise is also supposed to bring a fun element to the experience to the learners. The speech competition is usually administered online and requires no special criteria to become an entrant. The winner is rewarded with a cash prize.


Our career expo is comprised of professionals from different sectors across all economic segments. Doctors, engineers scientists and other professions are a part of this mind stimulating event. The aim is to ensure that learners are aware of the different careers that are open to them when they leave high school.

We have also worked with a number of universities to ensure that upon completion of grade 12, learners are able to make informed decisions on the what institution they will further their studies at.



Our educational tours are formed to introduce the learners to a working environment. We select the 20 performing learners of a grade and introduce them to a free trip to the SABC or the SAA technical sight. These are learners that are mainly having a vested interest in Media Studies and Engineering respectively.





 TESG has also hosted a number of art and cultural events founded to mainly generate the recognition of talent and expression in the local youth, these promotions are also inclusive of all young people. Music, Poetry, Acting and many other talents are celebrated on this prestiguos day and prizes are also a part of the day.


TESG has sponsored and continues to sponsor a lot of learners. The list is endless and this kindness expresses the love which the organization expresses towards youth. To name a few means of  support offered by the organization

  • Matric ball outfits
  • Food Parcels
  • Scholarships
  • Study Material
  • Financial Aid

Our Annual awards is an event hosted by the organization for all schools registered with the organization. We nominate the best performing schools and the most outstanding students. Prizes and other exciting gifts are offered on this day. Hard work is acknowledged and praised.

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