Programmes & Projects


Happy Students


We believe that learners perform better when they are inspired. We always seek to bring value adding festivities in order for learners to get the most out of every single experience.


We offer free tutoring sessions to high school students from Grade 8 to Grade 12.  The subjects we are comprised of English, Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy, Physical Science and accounting.

We  have currently broadened our spectrum of tutor services and have more volunteer tutors which are ready to assist and add value in our education system.

Career Development

Our career development strategy is comprised of educational trips to workplaces, this is in order to give learners a first hand experience of their prospective future. South African Airways Technical opens learner’s minds up to the world of aviation. Experts in the field offer our learners a guide around the premises and planes. They answer questions and ensure that learners leave the area with an enriched understanding of what they do.

We also offer students an opportunity to visit the SABC studios in Auckland Park. In this trip learners get to explore all the areas that come with having a career within the media industry. The possibilities are endless.

Health & hygiene

Every year we celebrate ”Global Menstrual Hygiene Day” on the 28th of May. On this day we teach young women about the importance of taking good care of their bodies and distribute free tampons and pads, especially to girls who cannot afford them.

Training & skills development

We offer learners exposure and let them meet experts of their desired careers, this takes place in the form of seminars hosted by TESG.


Mentorship is a very important part of our organization. We thrive to instill all youth that come into contact with TESG the value of discipline and self-belief.

Educational Tours: Free travelling for all our beneficiaries.

At TESG we don’t charge learners anything. Our learners and the schools they come from are never obligated in any way to compensate TESG for the work we do, it is all free with TESG.