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2.Fund a project

3.Become a TESG tutor

4.Volunteer your expertise


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Fund a Project

    By contributing to this initiative your proceeds will go towards providing tutors, study material and other operational costs. Please donate towards this awesome initiative.  
Our career guidance programme is designed to provide a clear vision to learners, regarding their prospective career paths. Your contributions to this programme will go towards workshops, field trips and venues.
This ICT programme familiarizes learners on basic IT operations and systems, some of our lessons are not limited to but cover Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software and Databases. Your Contribution will go towards the various elements attributed towards this program.
The read and play project is mainly designed to early childhood centres and primary schools. TESG will contribute playground equipment, educational toys and books as a tool to ensure that at a young age, learners are encouraged to enjoy the school environment.
The distance learning bursary is designed for corresponding students and offers an opportunity to become part of the active higher education group and upon obtaining their qualification, become employable. Donations will go towards registrations, modules, study materials, data and student vouchers.

In-Kind Donations

We accept the following:


  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Projectors
  • Stationary
  • Educational Material
  • T-Shirt Printing
  • Educational Toys
  • Playground Equipment
  • Travel Vouches
  • Advertising & Marketing Materials

Become a TESG tutor

What is a Tutor?

A tutor is an instructor who teaches a specific subject to a small group of learners.


Who qualifies to be a TESG Tutor?

TESG accepts qualified unemployed and retired teachers, university graduates who are experts in English, Maths and Science subjects; previous A and B Grade 12 students in English, Maths and Science subjects.


Will I be paid for being a TESG Tutor?

Yes. All our full-time tutors will be remunerated a monthly salary. All our standby tutors are paid per hour.


Which tutoring programmes does the organization provide?

TESG provides After-School tutoring, Holiday Tutoring, English reading lessons and Grade 12 Supplementary tutoring sessions.


Where does the organization provide tutoring sessions?

Our tutoring sessions are provided at school premesis to registered learners.


What time does the tutoring sessions take place?

After-School tutoring: 15h00-17h00

Holiday tutoring: 11h00-13h30


How do I become a TESG Tutor?

Download and complete our tutor application form. Send your forms to


What will happen after I complete and send my forms?

You will receive a notification via email or sms that your application has been submitted. Should your application be approved or be unsuccessful, you will also be informed within 7 days.

Qualifying applicants will be interviewed and become TESG members. Should an opportunity arise, work will begin.




Tubatse Edu Support Group is inviting experts across all areas that could contribute to any kind of educational development to partner with us by providing their expertise. The support could be yet not limited to Skills Development, Training, Mentoring, Educational Trips, Information Sharing Workshops, Tutoring, assessments and exhibitions etc. Should you or anyone you know be interesting please feel free to contact us via our contact page.


We are seeking to partnering with:

Organizations that continuously support the development of education.

We welcome other  initiatives that target the support of teachers.

Youth and Social development projects.

Health Awareness Campaigns

Corporate Social & Eonomic Engagements.