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Hard Work

 The world we live in is a very competitive one and with that comes the urge for you to prove yourself as worthy of opportunities that you seek. Nothing worthwhile will ever come your way if you do not fully apply intensity and commitment to what you do. This level of...

Choosing The Right Career

Choosing the right course for you is one of the most important decisions you can ever make and one should avoid finding themselves in the opposite predicament. This goes beyond your respective career but also impacts your life immensely as you spend most of your...

We aim to...

Revitalize the passion for education and learning to students across all economically disadvantegd communities

We enjoy...

Seeing learners evolve to becoming the best they can be, despite the challenges they could be going through.

We Persevere...

Despite all the challenges and obsticles that are set to discourage the course, we keep the train moving

We Believe...

That success is a meassurement of progress and that in the end, all the efforts play a major role in the outcome of each learners results.

We know...

That Educaton can be as fun as your favourite hobby, when tackled from a different angle.

We Urge...

You to volunteer with your skillset or passion for learners and become a TESG volunteer, join the winning team and make a difference, Today!!!

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